As distributors for Challenger Lifts, we offer a complete line of auto lifts from above ground, in-ground, and environmental lifts, as well as heavy-duty lifts for a variety of vehicles.

Tell us what you are going to work on – we will find an auto lift to raise it up for you!
We will be happy to show you your choice installed, in use before you order.

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CL10 series two post automotive lift. The Versymmetric® Plus CL10V3 two post automotive lift shown lifting a Dodge Ram. These CL10V3 2 post lifts are equipped with optional air electric work stations that provide air for pneumatic tools and electric outlets to plug in work lights or other diagnostic tools.

  • Model CL10

  • 10,000lbs Capacity

E10 two post auto lift features Versymmetric┬« Technology to service cars, trucks, Vans and SUV’s in one service bay. Shown here lifting an Audi in a symmetric application.
E10 two post car lift features 3-stage front arms to reach a wide range of vehicle lift points. Shown with optional stack adapter extensions.

  • Model E10

  • 10,000lbs Capacity